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Marylou offers a constantly changing collection of one-of-a-kind certified handmade arts, statement accessories, gifts and fabulous finds for your interior, inspired by Marylou’s pure taste … and kooky sense of humor! 


Great for home decoration & gift ideas

To find the right interior it’s relevant to find out what kind of style you want and what you are into. Home-styling is about making your home personal and find out what kind of interior really “talks” to you. Is it the Bohemian, the Scandinavian, the Designers, the secondhand ? Or what is it? You might find your home-styling and interior nice and lovely, something that makes you safe or happy. Maybe the interior is something that reminds you of a lovely holiday, something that has a meaning to you – something personal. Maybe you love the nature-touch, are into home textiles or just love the jungle-look with lots of plants. The interior at Marylou is chosen by heart, by personality and the feeling about it. It’s all chosen to make you feel home and that makes Marylou ”a mecca for the one who loves unique interior products”.


A bit of my journey & philosophy

Some say you can’t buy good taste. We’re here to change that! Marylou is a self-taught artist with a great need to be creative and with her aesthetic and creative flair, she has taken on challenges in a creative way since childhood. Marylou takes inspiration from daily life, just where to find, just as it is! She adds color to everything, from small sheets of paper to big empthy white canvases and several objects. Check out my instagram and follow the journey of creating art inspired from daily life!


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